Boiled Water

from by Doc Foster



Boiled water boiled water in my parlor
and all the dark wooden cabinets under water
and a smell that is even worse than warlords
combusted in their own hell of their fathers

i'm sitting on the top of the wall clock
somebody somebody is coming home
i'm crouching at the top of things in the early hours
this is not how i mentioned to be gone
to be gone

i don't want to be remembered by the people
would you eat and wrap all of my bones
into a recent issue of the Spiegel
or anything you can find in your fanatic home

shut up

shall i jump shall i jump into this boiled water
do i really believe in those virgins after death
is it necessary to be close to death or slaughter
to have the clearest thoughts you may ever had

oh this world is so dry and it is not friendly
if you're making a decision that is late
you know it and we know it there is a plenty
of important decisions to be made

in the name of Allah please eat me
in the name of Christ chew on my bones
swallow all my heavy thoughts and eat me
so i don't need to make decisions anymore

oh Kostas you're so strong
oh Steven you got it all
oh Jakob you're so strong
oh i i got it all


from Voodoo Hypno Soundo, released October 12, 2013


all rights reserved



Doc Foster Leipzig, Germany

It's Voodoo Hypno Soundo

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